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MDCAT syllabus 2024 pdf has been announced. Welcome, friends! This is your go-to place for everything you need to know about the MDCAT Syllabus 2024. Our website gives you all the details about the syllabus released by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). So, let’s see what we have here

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MDCAT Biology Syllabus 2024

Biology is a big deal in the MDCAT. The latest syllabus tells us that out of all the questions in the test, 68 will be from biology. So, it’s really important to get the right syllabus and start preparing. A cool way to get ready is by joining study groups or following websites that have the latest syllabus.

mdcat syllabus overview. Total questions and questions from each subject

MDCAT Chemistry Syllabus 2024

Next up, we have Chemistry. There will be 54 questions from this subject in the test. Some students who took the test before say that chemistry is not as hard as physics but is harder than biology. Make sure to go through the PMDC MDCAT syllabus 2023 pdf here and use all the cool tips and resources we share.

MDCAT Physics Syllabus 2024

Physics can be tricky! It has lots of concepts and numbers. There will be 54 questions from physics, so to get ready, check out the MDCAT syllabus 2023 PDF, old test papers, and your textbooks.

Logical Reasoning Syllabus 2024

Logical reasoning tests how well you can think and solve problems. There will be 8 questions from this area. So, grab the syllabus and check out all the helpful stuff available on

The goal of this section is to develop strong analytical and critical thinking abilities in students. With 8 questions based on the MDCAT logical reasoning syllabus, students can prepare effectively by downloading the syllabus in pdf form from reliable sources like

We also shares authentic MDCAT preparation material, including interviews with successful MDCAT test takers on our social media accounts.

English Syllabus for MDCAT 2024

English in MDCAT will test your grammar, synonyms, and sentence correction, and will have texts from FSc books. So, roll up your sleeves and get to work on the 18 questions from this section.

MDCAT 2024 Syllabus: A Detailed Analysis

Alright! If you have got the MDCAT 2024 syllabus, it’s time to dig in. Many trusted organizations worked together to create this syllabus. It includes learnings from different books like FSC books of Punjab and Sindh, Federal board books, and even A-level books. Download MDCAT Past Papers

Subject Wise Comparison

This is the snippet or thumbnail of mdcat 2023 syllabus analysis. This is updated analysis on
Logical Reasoning

Nums MDCAT Syllabus

nums biology syllabus

NUMS Bio Syllabus

Click below to download syllabus for nums amc biology.

nums chemistry syllabus

Nums Chemistry Syllabus

Download nums syllabus of mdcat from below chemistry.

nums physics syllabus

NUMS Physics Syllabus

Press download button for nums physics.

PMDC/ PMC MDCAT Syllabus 2024: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MDCAT syllabus is the set of subjects you have to study for the Medical and Dental College Admission Test. You pass it and become able to get admission to medical colleges (both private and government) and begin your journey in the field of medical science.

Yes, some of the topics in the MDCAT syllabus usually change every year. However, the syllabus was the same for the years 2019 and 2020.

The new MDCAT syllabus is uploaded around three to four months before the test starts every year on the official site of the Medical & Dental College Admission Test.

No, every province has the same MDCAT syllabus. However, the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council ( now PMC) includes suggested topics for each subject from the responsible authorities of almost every province

Biology = 32%

Chemistry = 26.5%

Physics = 26.5

English = 10%

Logical Reasoning = 5%

You can find the materials in various ways to cover all of the topics in the syllabus. And prepare yourself well for the Medical & Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) so that you pass it with a high score. And become eligible to sit in a medical college, whether it’s a private or government institution.

Yes, Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) provides MDCAT Syllabus to every province. But before giving the MDCAT syllabus, it follows this process. First, each region’s responsible and selected authority create a syllabus of their choices. Second, they submit those syllabi to the Medical & Dental Council for approval. Third, the Pakistan Medical Commission create the final version syllabus. After this process, PMC releases the official syllabus.

Downloading the MDCAT syllabus for 2024 is not that hard. Still, most of the new students find it difficult to download because they have never downloaded it. 

Just Visit to download the complete syllabus for uhs mdcat 2024.